Oregon, OR

Oregon is the ninth largest state in the United States.  Oregon was part of the Oregon Territory, an area now known as the Pacific Northwest and is one of the five states in the Union that borders the Pacific Ocean.  Like most of the Pacific Northwest the origins of Oregon’s settlement began in the Fur Trade, with trappers and fur companies holding most claimed land until the mid-1800s.  Oregon was also the only U.S. state to suffer civilian casualties during World War 2.

Oregon is a very lush state and agriculture, forestry, and fishing are prime industries well into the 21st century.  Technology development has also made significant growth in the Oregon economy with several major companies starting ventures in the state.  Oregon’s beaches, forests, and wooded vistas, specifically Crater Lake National Park, are popular tourist attractions.

The city of Portland’s metro, located in the northwest corner of the state along the Columbia River, holds roughly half of the state’s population with the rest concentrated primarily along the northern state line and following Interstate Highway 5 south through Eugene and Medford.


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